MoreArt Festival and Artland RMIT

MoreArt Festival 2013, Upfield Bike Path, Brunswick and Coburg

Words and Photos – J Forsyth

If Moreland Council was a rapper’s ho and its cultural program, that ho’s behind, rappers would be hip hopping about how her arse won’t quit, as lyrical genius Ludacris would say. And with good reason; Moreland Council is showing how to bend and snap, go low and tweak when it comes to the arts. Their cultural program is partying likes its their birthday, every day of the year.

MoreArt Festival, now in its 4th year, opened on October 6 with tours from Art Aficionado’s and Squeaky wheels to educate the punters.   Artland opened at RMIT making a threesome out of MoreArt and Melbourne Fringe, turning the campus into a sculpture park and entertaining the crowd with free coffee and the all girl marching band The Red Brigade.


Hanging around the Mechanics institute, nibbles and a few beers were served and brunswick natives mingles and chatted, basking in the summer atmosphere listening to the slightly over enthusiastic band.   Sharing a beer begrudgingly handed over by captain cranky pants behind the bar, was an almost totally relaxed end to our walk along the Upfield bike path.  Although the map is detailed, I struggled to locate all the works and recommend mounting your bike and joining one of squeaky’s wheels tours over the next two sundays.


This Sunday October 13 is the Sound Ride.  A sound supported bike tour where you can chat with the artists along the way and drink a few beers after at Howler in Brunswick.  Sunday October 20 brings the Story Ride where you can learn about new and old art along the Upfield bike, hear from exhibiting artists and brunswick locals.

For information on MoreArts tours and art locations visit the Moreland Council web side and download the pdf map. The street art along the track is amazing and ever changing, and the walk/ ride itself will help burn of one of the 20 pints you drank the night before.