Bootcamp: Future, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013

Words and Photos – J Forsyth

I know I know, I am always banging on about art and football being a match made in heaven, and today is no different.  What better way to spend Grand Final morning than strolling the streets of Footscray looking for an exhibition, Well I can tell you, being able to find it!

On a mildly sunny but not particularly warm Grand Final morning, a footy loving/art crusading pal and I set out to view Bootcamp: Future a visual art exhibition for Melbourne Fringe Festival.


With mild navigation problems and a few curse words about the lack of signage (An A-frame wouldn’t have gone astray), my brian jerried that we were near the Bluestone Church Arts Space when I saw the big Bluestone building (sans A-frame).

As we wondered in and started gazing “You can touch that” rang out with a friendly tone from a brown haired girl typing on her mac in the back corner of the lowly lit space.

Standing on a sign saying “NOW”, holding onto a long stick made up of several small sticks taped together reaching over a few meters of empty space to a wall, lined with brown paper stating “FUTURE” my art Crusader pal took up the challenge.  Realising quickly that it was harder than it looked,  the friendly voice called out again “your’e in limbo, between now and the future”



As we floated through the installations, a feeling of happiness and contentment grew, I had not wasted my time visiting this gem.  A relaxed vibe came from the space even though the aim of the exhibition was to tackle issues of the future.  Weather the artist intended that or the space itself added it, I’m not sure, but I would call the collaboration that was Bootcamp a success.

Oh right, about that.  Boot Camp: Future was a collaboration between two art collectives , In the mean time and The birdsFeaturing Alica Bryson-Haynes, Ria Green, Lizzy Sampson, Claire Robertson, Shae Rooke, Lisa Frankland and Melissa Matveyeff.