October 11 – 27

Words – Karla O’Connor

Photos – J Forsyth

I love Melbourne, I really do. I was born here and I live here now but I’ve spent a fair chunk of my years living in other countries, in other cities. But Melbourne, my beloved, is the shit!  I love it in the middle of winter when everyone is bitching about the weather; I love it in the summertime when everyone is bitching about the weather; I love it right now, in the Spring, when the air smells like jasmine and people are not bitching about the weather, they’re just bitching about their allergies. I also love Melbourne in autumn but I don’t really remember if people bitch about that season. Something not to be bitched about however, is Melbourne Festival. And it’s here folks!!


Melbourne Festival is one of Australia’s crown jewels in the international arts festival treasure chest and one of the major multi-arts festivals of the world. Each year the festival brings to Melbourne a world-class selection of music, dance, theatre, visual arts, multimedia and outdoor events from Australian and International artists, both emerging and renowned.


Melbourne Arts Club is so excited to get amongst all the creative happenings that are about to take place over the next couple of weeks, and so, have devised a little plan to keep ourselves up to speed with all that’s on offer. We thought this plan might benefit you good people also. Although, this ‘little’ plan really aint so little; there is just so much good shit goin’ on!


But let’s get into it anyway…

TANDERRUM and Creation: Ilbijerri/Archie Roach (October 11)

For the first night of the opening weekend, Elders of the Kulin Nation will come together for a very special Welcome to Country held in Federation Square, paving the way for this years festival. A perfect place to start if you ask me.

CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA are also playing this same evening at Hamer Hall. It’s sold out though kids and I’m really pissed about not getting a ticket, so if anyone’s got a spare, I’m a pretty fun date.

Tomorrow night I’m going to see theatre production, IN SPITE OF MYSELF, from Sans Hotel (playing until Oct 13). This makes me happy because a) I got the ticket for free and I love free stuff, and b) it explores the gap between who we are, who we say we are and who we seem to be, and I think this shadowing silhouette of the human self is beyond interesting.

QUINQUE NEIRA (October 14), the Chilean reggae roots icon will be captivating Melbourne audiences just as he has done to Latin Americans for decades with his honeyed fusion of reggae, dogged beats and Latin rhythms.

CODY CHESNUTT (October 16 – 17) is a must see for me because I just fucking love that ‘Looks Good in Leather’ song.

ECLIPSE: (October 23 – 25) is a unique concert experience from Grammy award winning African music duo, Amadou and Miriam. Performed in total darkness, Eclipse is sure to take us on an extraordinary sensory pilgrimage and I’m pretty damn excited about it.


On top of all of this wonderfulness is a huge visual art program.  We will be popping into the following –

LIVING ARCHITECTURES: Ila Beka & Louise Lemoine (France/Italy) at Capitol Theatre.

INDUSTRIAL EPICS: Wang Bing (China) at Capitol Theatre.

MAKING MODELS: The Collaborative art of Wendy Ewald (USA) at Centre for Contemporary Photography.

DISARM: Pedro Reyes (Mexico) which is my personal favourite.  Pedro Reyes is using weapons to make instruments, taking unnecessary death out of the world and replacing it with music.

The truth is, I could bang on forever about the many and varied events that are currently at our doorstep, but what I suggest is for you to check out the Melbourne Festival Program and see for yourself!

Get stuck into it Melbourne, before you know it, it will be so damn hot outside you won’t want to leave the comfort of your evaporative cooled lounge room.