Apocalypso,  The Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Owl and Pussy Cat, 34 Swan Street Richmond

Words – Karla O’Connor

Photos – Nate Charles Trosi

It’s a balmy Monday evening and The Owl and the Pussy Cat is a sweet little place to explore some of Melbourne’s fine independent theatre, as part of Melbourne Fringe.

We enter a dark room. Black. Entirely.

In stomps four storytellers; if anyone touches me I’ll scream.

Are you a bubble? Are we not all bubbles projecting our own perceptions from that which contains everything? Do we not all seek to understand the movement of time? Shall we not continuously transform our level of consciousness to create a metamorphosis of circumstances in order to manipulate our own agenda?

Does anyone know what the fuck I’m talking about?

Good. Me neither.


‘Four horsemen. One apocalypse. You know the deal.’ That’s the synopsis for this show, which is fair enough. However, it’s also rather ironic considering the brilliantly verbose dialogue, that dances to the rhythm of each brave actors spotlight. Being a lover of words, this worked well for me, although not for my friend who said it made him feel sick.

“Keep up Karla, concentrate.” I had to keep telling myself this for fear of being embarrassed at not understanding. Truth be told, I don’t think I was able to comprehend all of what was going on… Something about a dystopian universal empire on the brink of collapse; where scientists are killed, ‘the ball of everything’ finds its way into the wrong hands which allows for time to be controlled (or uncontrolled), and where the peoples leader and voice of perception is subjected to the control of two dark princes… Now, the ideas of Time, and Perception… are theirs.

Or something like that….


It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s superbly acted and I think that if I went to drama school I’d probably recognise more of the subtleties that Writer/Director, Tim Wotherspoon has infused into it.

Apocalypso is showing again at 4:30pm, this Sunday 6th October at The Owl and the Pussy Cat – 34 Swan Street, Richmond. Go check it out, see of you make more sense out of it than I and don’t forget to email me and enlighten me on its genius.

Apocolypso, Melbourne Fringe tickets can be found here!