Words and Photos – Belinda Rogers

Love Forests ExhibitionGallery ONE THREE, 13 Somerset Place, Melbourne

Gallery ONE THREE takes a seat in the heart of Melbourne and listens. Cars whirl and beep, shoes clip clap with chaotic impatience, metal on concrete. Gallery ONE THREE waits within such clatter and bustle for a different sound. Slower, deliberate steps that would peel from the fray with a more considered rhythm. Steps that slip from the wave of Melbourne streets and into a quiet lane.

Time. You can smell it. That wisp of air that rolls toward you as you remember self amongst the alleyway of memories.

A quiet line, contemporary beauty. Space.


The doors open and you leave the sound outside.

B Rogers one three 2

Gallery ONE THREE in Somerset Place, is no stranger to lovers of space and time. There is no chaos here, only imagination that would drift between colour and line. An oasis, a retreat, colour burst from grey.

The first day of spring will bring an important image to the streets of Melbourne. A selection of artists are collaborating with the Wilderness Society to expose the beauty and fragility of our natural forests. As Melbourne lines its streets with political banners which pull at the seams in the hope for gold, our forests are falling. The timing of this exhibition would seem auspicious, as though planned by a fateful hand. But where the banners draw to either will or hope, the artists speak for that which does not speak.

As you take your place in this exhibition, you will hear the whirl of a far away wind, the patience of growth, the tip tap of rain on rain, water on water. You will watch and wonder within the clatter, where is your own sound? Where would you decide to place a footprint, and where would you withdraw? In the slowing of this thought, a potential for change, and as you slip outside the door, you will carry with you a lingering question.

A busy street or a quiet lane?

B Rogers one three

B Rogers one three 3

*Belinda Rogers is a contributing writer for Melbourne Arts Club and is also exhibiting in Love Forests.

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Love Forests runs from September 1 – September 7, 2013