Words and Photos – J Forsyth

Gertrude Street Projection Festival opened during one of bigger rain storms we’ve had this mild Melbourne winter.


I met up with Jamie Dale of Visual Division to take a geez at his projection for this years festival.  Shining on the wall of Little Smith Street surrounded by street art and graffiti, Jamie explained that once Visual Division new where their work would be projected, they came up with the projection itself.  Wanting to add to but also blend with the lane way, Jamie and Jet, Visual Divisions other half put together a collection of street art and graffiti shots taken while travelling in 16 countries and 28 cities in the last 8 years.


As we stood and spoke, two well dressed older ladies interrupted “are you the artist?”  Jamie replied a happy “yes” , ” oh wonderful, you should be so proud, just wonderful”.   Lingering for a moment, Jamie told me about the little kids viewing his work the day before.

He observed them watching, wondering, trying to reach up and touch the projection to figure out how it worked.  The intrigue of the kids and the ladies is not what you expect at an art festival in the heart of trendy Fitzroy but that’s exactly why Gertrude Street Association brings Gertrude St Projection Festival back each year.


The festival may be over for 2013, but never fear the Gertrude Street Association will be bringing it back next year.