Words – Julia Howland

Photos – J Forsyth

Nite Art, Melbourne 2013

These wintery months are hard. The rain, the wind, and the bloody hail are keeping everyone inside. Plus, who wants to steer too far away from that lusciously warm fire place in the pub? Well we ventured into the dark, whispery night and checked out the first annual Nite Art for an adventure down the lane ways.


Neon Parc (above)

Nite Art is bringing a new idea to Melbourne: art walks. There have been a few here and there and of course the  is always a favourite, but it’s something that is widely under used. And its not just the openings themselves that are drawing attention, its the talks, the book exhibitions, the installations and the like. Something for all.

MAC_Nite_Art-2Gallery Funaki (above)

MAC_Nite_Art-3Dark Horse Experiment (above)

MAC_Nite_Art-5Beam Contemporary (above)

MAC_Nite_Art-10Sarah Scout Presents (above)

MAC_Nite_Art-11Von Haus (Above)


Dark Horse Experiment (above)

Check out more on Nite Art on their website.