Words – Jerram Wurlod

Photos – J Forsyth

Standard Double, The Blackman Hotel 452 St Kilda rd, Melbourne

If you’ve ever been to a hotel room and wondered what’s happened in there before you arrived, its safe to say you’ll want to change the subject as quickly as possible.  Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling on the other hand aren’t afraid to delve into the murky depths of the hotel room and the questionable characters that have enjoyed its hospitality. Their hilarious comedy Standard Double takes you on a journey that will have you laughing out loud while feeling slightly abused at the same time.


The show has you seated with a small number of other unsuspecting guests in an actual hotel suite in the Blackman Hotel (part of the Art Series Hotel Group) on St kilda Rd. Before you is a normal hotel room like any other you may have seen before, but what happens next is anything but normal.

Kate and Wes enter as one of many sets of characters that we have the pleasure or misfortune of meeting throughout the night. Immediately there is a true sense of intimacy, through a combination of confined space, familiar surroundings and varying degrees of empathy with the characters. It all just works so well to bring the comedy and drama to a new level that you just wouldn’t find in a different setting. Kate and Wes’s combination of hilariously brilliant characters come bursting, yelling or even crying into the room before exiting just as dramatically. It’s the perfect tool to change scenes and keeps the show snapping along at a great pace. From the dirty secrets of hotel staff to cringe worthy bogans and sweet elderly couples no subject is taboo and they will all have you engrossed and laughing throughout the hour long show.


Standard Double has just finished its second round of shows this month; the first was during the Melbourne Comedy Festival where they picked up a Moosehead Award and Golden Gibbo Award (Highly Commended). I for one am hoping we get a chance to see another round or perhaps a new development from Kate and Wes in the near future. Easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.





Written By Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling

Directed by Mark Watson