Words – Julia Howland

Photos- J Forsyth

Food Court Grand Opening, Docklands Spaces, a Renew Australia initiative.

An extreme distaste comes to mind when hearing about, talking about or even having to think about the Docklands. On each painful visit I seem to be bombarded with plastic everything, fast food galore and an overwhelming sense of “we tried to do something here but got immensely greedy and failed horribly.” So being dragged to the Docklands yet again, was not a desirable position to be in.


One must stay positive in the face of adversity of course and I marched on. I marched on with hundreds of sweaty, hairy, over weight and flatulent Englishmen surrounding my every step and disgracing this beautiful city we all know and love. Chants and vomit did nothing to appease me and yet I marched on.

Finally reaching the Docklands dying epicentre, I walked in circles with Google Maps lending no sort of reassurance of where I was or how I was to find that taunting red dot. And so in circles I walked until finally looking at what seemed like to be in front of me the whole time: an open, warm, free-beer haven to rest my tired bones and relish in what I had left behind on the 86 out of the city, the Food Court.


The Food Court grand opening showcased an abandoned space that had been long and forgotten about. With remnants of fast food chains and a soulless gathering hall, Renew Docklands Community Arts Space is fighting back with an open space for artists and the creative alike. Think film screenings, exhibitions, free wifi and workshops of all kinds. Things are happening and this change couldn’t have come at a better time.

But of course in the dismal Docklands fashion our fun-filled evening was attempted to be cut short with security hounding the lovely people hosting us for noise disturbance and the like. Get it together Docklands, these guys are doing some good and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon.

For more information on the Dockland Spaces or Renew Australia check out the links below.