Words and Photos – Julia Howland

Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy

It was like walking into the home I wish I had. Fresh bread being taken out of the oven, a delicate array of homemade tarts, cakes and a massive pot of mulled wine. Perched outside is a beautifully decorated set of handmade tables and chairs, complete with milk crates and repurposed wooden planks. Then the music started. Two whimsical ladies complete with banjo and classical guitar, charmed us all and created a warmth on an otherwise chilly night. And the most intriguing aspect of this very raw and homegrown birthday bash was the coin operated performers.

Conduit Arts-3-2

Once the music stopped the lights were cut and the chime of a coin bring dropped into an empty jam jar ignited a modest lamp next to a spoken word poet/performer/inspirer. The lights went out again. Chime. Spot light on comedic monologue and visiary insight into the lives of us all.

Dark. Chime. Lights. Banjo. Dark. Chime. Lights. Performance. Chime. Cake. Dark. Beer.

Happy birthday Conduit Arts, keep ’em coming.

Conduit Arts-4-2

Conduit Arts-2-2