Words – Miriam Arbus

Photos –  J Forsyth

For the Love of Stuff, Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick Street Fitzroy

A watch passed down from a grandmother represents family ties, and links to a trajectory of tradition and personal history. A collection of baseball hats evolves into the representation of an outgrown dream of becoming a sports star as well as a reminiscent, and constant reminder of youthful days long passed by. A small stone or shell can recall a lifetime of travel and adventure. Ticket stubs remind of a glory-filled concert spent with a long-ago loved one.


Though transient in nature and often mundane in appearance, the objects in our lives become imbued with value and representation.

Six different artists presented work in Brunswick Street Gallery’s recent exhibition, for the love of stuff (curated by Miriam Arbus). With work spanning different mediums, artists Pimpisa Tinpalit, Georgina Matherson, J Forsyth, Michele Newman, Becky Richards and Yuan Wang create an intricate exploration of the spectrum of nuanced relationships that occur between person and object. Encompassing the breadth that exists between nostalgia, attachment and memory, for the love of stuff examines how objects become embodiments (or obsessions) of emotions and ideas.