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March what’s on, sort of…

Words and Photos – J Forsyth (Final image credited to Jo Scicluna)

March Madness is a terrible title for an article and I do feel like I am putting together a Sam’s warehouse catalogue rather than a ‘what’s on’ in the Melbourne art scene.  However, I got up this morning and realised that March is almost over and I don’t remember it starting.

So here we are, two cups of coffee later, a minor crisis about how coffee is always too hot, and then so quickly, it’s too cold.  The optimal temperature for coffee doesn’t last long enough and this can unhinge someone who doesn’t know what month it is.

First world problems!!!

Below are a series of images of galleries I haven’t reported on before or haven’t for a while.   Check out the links attached for more details and report back to us with what…

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