Words and Photos – Julia Howland

 The Hive, Talbot Street Brunswick


Valentine, shmalentine.

Thankfully there’s a place where this silly holiday is meaningless.

Because here fondness and appreciation come daily.

Chicks with Clicks-4-3

The Brunswick Hive is an independent creative co-operative where all are welcome. They honour the idea of shared resources and transform the typical ideals that tend to come with other creative institutes.

Chicks with Clicks is their latest showcase demonstrating women photographers at their finest. Femininity, conceptuality and intrigue: the perfect woman. As you walk into this unassuming warehouse you’re greeted with a lovingly, lively bunch at the front entrance, ready for a welcoming chat and offers of wine. Melodic jazz and experimental hula hoops cascade from the entry door as I wonder through. This is not the typical exhibition that I usually encounter. There are no pretensions, no struggle or battle for attention; there is only equality. You can feel the encouragement in the air and the mutual respect everyone has for one another. This is what all artists
should embrace and emulate.

Check The Brunswick Hive’s Facebook page for updates on their exhibitions, markets and open spaces.  Also ckeck out Melbourne Arts Club’s Febzie’s post for more details on Chick with Clicks.

Chicks with Clicks-3-3


Chicks with Clicks-2-3