words and photos – Julia Howland

ILL-LOGIC, Juddy Roller Cafe, Fitzroy

Theres no escaping Melbourne’s graffiti. Its what gives our city life and personality.  Sydney can keep their pristine beaches and immaculate lane ways, ‘cuz honey we got soul.

illogic (2)

Quintessential Melbourne was displayed last week at ILL-LOGIC’s exhibition in Fitzroy. Part of Juddy Roller cafe, owner and operator Shaun Hossack put together, for the third year in a row, a live-art-show-DJ-jam-everyone-gets-free-alcohol-until-we-run-out kinda gig. I’m always really fascinated by an artists process. I love watching things evolve from the very beginning, but so rarely can you really get inside the head of an artist and understand their thoughts for each piece. I find myself badgering artists to get it out of them, but when it comes down to it, it really is hard to explain in words. Watching the process is understanding. Adnate (AWOL) and BLO (DMV) showed me a side of graffiti that was completely unknown. The notion of creating such fluid and clean lines with a can of spray paint is a completely foreign idea to me, so watching these guys create such riveting pieces was awe-inspiring. Not to mention the half dozen other talents submerging from the crowds: think massive fisherman creature by Alastair Mooney and surrealist videomapping.

illogic (1)

There was admiration in the air. The people were genuinely excited to be there, to hear those classic hip hop beats, watch the guys create permanent (and massive) pieces of work and to be immersed in the culture that is Melbourne, (and I’m sure the free grog didn’t hurt either.)


Juddy Roller is a cafe by day and has a great following when it comes to experimental visual art.