Words – J Forsyth

Photos – J Forsyth

On Being III, Nina Gilbert, Grace Wood and Isobel Taylor-Rodgers, Brunswick Arts Space 2a Little Breese st Brunswick Vic, 3056

Upon receipt of an electronic mail about Brunswick Arts’ opening of On Being III, I jumped on my pushy and headed west. In a laneway just over Sydney Road is Brunswick Arts Space. An artist run initiative with community and artistic development in mind, Brunswick Arts is a well developed space, setup professionally and allowing for a lot of artistic licence.

On Being III is a group show from three female artists, Nina Gilbert, Grace Wood, and Isobel Taylor-Rodgers, “…focusing on Feminism in contemporary art and the role of women in the photograph and society. It’s an exploration of portraiture and the photographic medium in relation to the female, the feminine and the artist.”

What a well curated show, I thought as I entered the space and made my way around the different sections. With a somewhat low-fi presentation feel, the work itself was thoroughly conceptualised and visually appealing. The photography beautifully crisp and saturated while the downstairs projections added depth to the show as a whole. The projectors were regularly interrupted because of their position on the floor and the passing crowd, allowing for an almost interactive vibe. The work in the front room, although visually simple, was powerful in its simplicity and allowed the viewer time to absorb the environment.

Brunswick Arts is a space definitely worth a visit and On Being III runs until the 21 October.