Words – J Forsyth

Photos – J Forsyth

Marvern Ramsay Gallery, 56-58 St Georges Rd, Northcote

An art-opening-filled Friday night led me down St Georges Road, Northcote to a new graffiti art gallery – Marvern Ramsay Gallery.

Their first ever show – Against the Grain – is a group show by three graffiti artists- Mr Muppetz, Dr Nox and Dirte Man. In typical Melbourne style and maybe also because the gallery is new, the door was sure hard to find. Located in an area of St Georges Road that is not highly populated with shops added to the image and allure of this graf gallery.

With no background in graffiti speak, I can only say that I was impressed by the space and its warehouse-style set up. The main room’s lighting was however, harsh and unforgiving, setting off a school hall vibe that clashed with the work and furnishings. The work itself was more than impressive, presented on wood panels and table tops. The show was curated by Mr Muppetz who is a graffiti artist with 15 years experience putting on shows around Australia and around the world.

Marvern Ramsay Gallery has loads of potential and the friendly, down to earth crowd gave off the impression that they will be around for the long haul.Against the Grain closes on 19 October, but hopefully Marvern Ramsay Gallery will keep bringing out the big guns, so that I may loiter with intent at this gallery in future.