Words – Melissa Forsyth

Photos – Julia Howland and J Forsyth

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is an annual arts event that provides a stage for independent performers and an opportunity for contemporary artist to display their work for a much wider audience – art that may otherwise slip under the radar. Run by the Melbourne Fringe, a leading organisation for independent arts in Victoria, the festival is an annual event, this year showcasing a diverse range of artist between 26 September 2012 – 14 October 2012.

Dance, live art and music, cabaret, circus and comedy are just some art forms included in this years program. Here are just a few things that I thought looked interesting:

6 ft Fairy Birthday Surprise

DJ My-T-Jaxx and friends host a surprise birthday party for Ivanna the 6ft Fairy. Everyone is welcome to join in for a night of comedy, music, DJing dance and party games. ‘Find out what happens when a jaded children’s party fairy has a coming of age and goes through ‘The Change’! Warning: Possible Nudity’.


A performance by multi-award winning New Zealand actor and musician Barnie Duncan. Him…….. presents a complex portrait of a man who lives in a Melbourne basement.’A man who lives obsessively through his only connection with the outside world – the daily newspaper he is delivered via a slot in his door.’

A Tale of Two Melbournes

What do you love about Melbourne? And what’s your vision for our city? Candlelight Productions explores these questions using a multitude of art forms. Encouraging everyone to think about the posed questions and express their ideas by creating communal art works, recording video messages and writing on their wall.

Art, Sex, Snacks

Every Friday and Saturday night of the festival, host Lisa-Skye and a range of guest comedians, artists, actors, puppeteers, dancers and musicians discuss their artistic practice, sex and snacks.

Tales of Psycho Nurse

Presented by Free Comedy, Danny Stinson’s comic routine looks the best and worst human nature has to offer via rapid fire jokes and narrative tales. ‘His off colour humour and observational wit will have you simultaneously howling and cringing as he delivers a self styled lecture on life, love and family in the way only an actual psychiatric nurse can’.

There is so much more that could be included in this short review. Check out<img