Words – Julia Howland

Photos – J Forsyth

Open House, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Walking into the matured structure that is the Nicholson Building, is walking behind the scenes and into some of Melbourne’s most creative minds. For the entire month of August Open Studios is offering a glimpse into the workspace of well known names such as Mattt, Dead & Buried, Edmund Pearce, and numerous others. There’s no discrimination here with the opportunity to see photography, illustration, jewellery, textiles, and pottery, plus you can ride up and down the creepy old lift that kind of feels like its going to break, but then it doesn’t. Sweet.

Not only is this a rare look into the creative space of our city but also to get to know these lovely people who produce more work than you think. They define the Melbourne art scene and are continuously pushing the envelope into new and exciting dimensions.

So stop by, jump on the lift, walk through the labyrinth that is the Nicholson Building and grasp a better understanding into the life of a Melbourne artist.