Words – Julia Howland

Photos – Sticky Fingers Bakery

Hungry Eyes Film Festival, Sticky Fingers Bakery

MIFF always brings excitement to Melbourne’s air. Films from the new and old, promoting contemplation, emerging aesthetics, and inspiring the up and coming. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the festivities and more often than not you will miss something you really wanted to see. Every year we’re introduced to something different we want to try, but with limited time, its hard to get exactly what we want. This year, however, we stumbled upon something different.

Sticky Fingers Bakery has created a unique way to experience films this season. As an independent bakery based solely on deliveries, they have established themselves as something more than just your neighbourhood bakery. Hayley McKee, head bake-tress, has united her love of confectionary with an undying passion for music and film.

It all started about two years ago when McKee decided to leave her career in PR and marketing to turn her hobby of baking into something more. Wanting to incorporate a sense of pop culture into her business created such events as Sweet Easy, a baked buffet inspired by some pretty killer tunes, and Hungry Eyes, a festival dedicated to the art of baking as interpreted in film and accompanied by a more than generous gift of her latest creations. The inaugural screening featured such films as The Girl at the Monceau Baker, Waitress, and Blood & Doughnuts. McKee admits these are a few of her favourites and has incorporated a sweet treat to accompany each film’s theme.

Accidently planning this mini-film fest around MIFF time proved to be quite beneficial. Everyone’s got film fever and we could all use a detour from the mainstream crowd that hovers around the Forum; plus finding a box of cupcakes in your seat will always be encouragement! Tickets flew this first time around as well, which can only mean one thing: expect the same greatness brought to you next year!

Keep updated on their happenings on their website McKee hopes to open a physical outfit within the next year and did I mention she only uses certified organic ingredients, including free-range eggs? She’s superwoman in a sweet vintage apron.