Words – Melissa Forsyth

photos – J Forsyth

Melbourne Design Market, Federation Square Car Park, 29 July 2012

I love markets, even the crappy local markets, like the bric-a-brac market held in my home town of Bittern every Sunday morning. My love stems from the hope that I will find a fashion gem – something original or even vintage (please note, when I say vintage, I actually mean it, I am not referring to second hand items from high street shops that are passed off as ‘vintage’ in many shops around town).

My best ever finds have been a vintage tuxedo jacket for $20 at Camberwell market and a hand painted one-off dress for 20 Euro’s from a market in Switzerland.

Markets have evolved and these days, in Melbourne, there seems to be a market on almost every weekend. I think this is largely due to the rise of craft arts. Right now there is a month long festival being held across Melbourne and Victoria specifically dedicated to celebrating craft and crafters. Markets are a great way to support these craft artists.

The Melbourne Design Market held last weekend in the Federation Square car park is no exception. There were lots of beautiful and interesting things to fawn over. Unfortunately for me, I had seen some of the stores at past markets, but there was still a lot that was new to me.

A store called Pigeonhole caught my eye. I learnt that Pigeonhole is a creative hub in Perth that houses a family of small creative stores. Some of the guys from Pigeonhole flew down especially to sell their leather handbags, jewellery, vintage camera’s and albums. I was drawn to the jewellery and accessories, of course. Thankfully finding myself a little gem to add to my collection.

The Melbourne Design Market is held twice a year. The next market will be held in December. Date to be confirmed. See website: