Adam Atkinson – Things Change

Words – Jerram Wurlod

Photos – J Forsyth

Adam Atkinson – Things Change at Every Sunday Gallery, 471 Brunswick St, Fitzroy North.

Friday night was busy, there were several openings in Fitzroy alone. Of the couple I’d planned to see Gertrude Contemporary certainly had the goods, but nothing could have prepared me for Adam Atkinson’s exhibition at Every Sunday Gallery on Brunswick St. We were planning to head out to a bar when we couldn’t help but notice the large and excited crowed milling outside. Squeezing through the front door we were assaulted by what seemed like hundreds of Atkinson’s paintings. Not one piece of wall space was spared this in your face onslaught of an exhibition. Some pieces were only pamphlet sized while others dominated there crowded wall space. You could be forgiven for considering some of Atkinson’s pieces as being a little crude. But after a short glance around the gallery some truly detailed and inspired works forced their way through.

In particular the “Kitty” piece stuck out for me, its elegance and dominating stare capturing my attention. But what’s just as enjoyable are some of the classic words that accompany or simply compose many pieces. “Nobody likes a smartarse” is the classic quote one of my tradie pals told me today, but you can’t help but love this one. One moment you’re admiring a stunning piece, next you get the feeling he’s having a laugh at your expense. But who cares the art was great, the booze was free and everyone was having a ball. That is, until the band started up. Duck Duck Chop absolutely owned it! Just when the party was reaching fever pitch with the bar guys running out of steam and booze, the music stole the show and really set things on fire. The look on punters faces said it all, smiles and “wow eyes” all round, not quite believing how the night had suddenly become even better. I only wish they had played longer and the booze kept flowing because I, and I’m sure many others, would have been happy to stay all weekend. Alas the exhibition has disappeared as quickly as it went up, but I’ll defiantly be keeping an eye out for Atkinson and Duck Duck Chop in the future. It was a classic case of a great night that wasn’t planned and for that Adam Atkinson I thank you.