Fundamental Landscapes

Words – Julia Howland

Photos – Andy Donohoe

Fundamental Landscapes at Dear Patti Smith, Level 2, 181 Smith Steet, Fitzroy.

Fundamental landscapes. These are really the only two words you need for this work. It defines the essence of this show in its entirety. But perhaps I’ll elaborate….Walking into the dimensions of Studio Osk’s latest creation is like walking into, well its like walking into a forest. But there’s a white box, very well placed and managed lighting and for some reason you feel overwhelmed with emotion. You feel confused, yet excited; skepticism blends with comfort.

I was taken back by the impressive installation of piercing white walls and the perfect arrangement of flora emerging from the floor. Sterile upon first glimpse, the overflowing soil invites you into a juxtaposed world: the illusion of negative space becomes the overriding catalyst within an almost fairy-tale-like world. The negative space is then transformed into the center of attention when this illuminous white box is positioned in various positions, emerging from various environments. It feels humanistic, daring, and lost; and my mind can’t stop an influx of emotional adjectives. This white space is here for a reason. It creates an existence within these empty landscapes. It is, after all, fundamental.