The Subtleties of Form – Gallery One Three

Words – Tabi Jackson Gee

Photos – Andy Donohoe

The Subtleties of Form – Pippa Makgill – Simon Gardam – Kimberly Denson, Gallery One Three, 13 Somerset Place, Melbourne CBD until July 24th.

Three artists investigate ‘The Subtleties of Form’ in an exhibition that opened at Gallery 13 last Thursday. Kimberley Denson’s unassuming paintings take on multi-coloured spectrums and her delicate, considered work showcases the modesty of basic design. What also gives her work real strength is the subtle tension she manipulates between form and medium – using the space with her acrylics on wood to formulate various lines, shapes and gradients that carefully allude to the title of the exhibition.

On the opposite wall Simon Gardam’s larger than life canvases show no such constraint. Gardam uses bold, sweeping gestures built up in layers, with swooping arches cut across by unapologetic strokes. Using a varied palette from bright to melancholy colours he creates textured images that invert any idea of subtlety, approaching the subject with a free and unruly zeal. Between Denson’s discipline and Gardam’s abstractions sit Pippa Makgill’s haphazard sculptures. These obscure constructions are hosted together in an incongruous garden – plants, figurines and plastic bottles are melded together beneath thick, grey paint in an amalgamation of innocence and corruption. A neat little exhibition that is open until the 24th July. One more thing – can you see artist Pippa Makgill deep in discussion about her work?