The Spheres / Evie Cahir

Words by Tabi Jackson Gee

Photos by Andy Donohoe

The Book of HoursThe Spheres at No Vacancy Gallery until Sunday 17th & Soft and RawEvie Cahir at Rooftop Art Space until July 11th.

Nestled away like an indignant candle-lit vigil in the midst of the QV this week you’ll find The Spheres AV exhibition, The Book of Hours. Illuminated by a generous scattering of tea lights, the spacious No Vacancy gallery has become a shrine to The Spheres’ haunting visual footage. The Spheres are a Melbourne based group of instrumentalists and film makers, who create visual accompaniments to their music for all encompassing AV performances – playing live shows with carefully constructed moving image backdrops and releasing companioning CDs and DVDs simultaneously.

This week, the art comes before the music. Removing the live performances that usually accompany their films and replacing them with their pre-recorded songs, the group explore the space between what we see, and what we hear, from another perspective. The most striking film on display shows the face of a woman rippling on a flag, staring straight at you as you enter the gallery. Head shrouded in a scarf, her impenetrable face creates a striking companion to The Spheres mysterious and hypnotising music. This intriguing AV exhibition will be open daily from 11am – 5pm, with a closing night live performance on Sunday from 6pm.

Less than a block away at the Rooftop Art Space, Evie Cahir’s exhibition Soft and Raw has also just opened. The young illustrator documents the things she sees, in acute and insightful detail. From people on the tram to the food she eats, nothing passes unobserved. The illustrations at Rooftop are housed in deep box frames that, like the illustrations sitting within them, will lure you in. A crafted illustrator, Cahir’s hand has that unmistakable knack of transforming the everyday and mundane into something enchanting. These delicate and captivating drawings will be catching the attention of Rooftop punters until the 11th of July.