Rtist Gallery – Matt Adnate

Words by Paris Hokin

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Lost Culture by Matt Adnate at RTIST, 29 St Edmonds Road, Prahan. Showing until June 24th.

Treat yourself to Matt Adnate’s “Lost Culture” at RTIST, tucked away in the backstreets of Prahran – one of the domains for hipsters and arty types craving something a little more exotic. I discovered on Thursday night what the hype is all about. By ten to seven RTIST was already packed; the red stickers were being slapped underneath the portraits faster than you can say “Banksy”. This is street art at it’s finest, showcasing Adnate’s extensive travels. The gallery is alive with colour, telling tales from lands far away. “Breathe of Ochre” immediately catches your eye as you enter the gallery. The considerable portrait of an Indonesian girl stares back at you, deep into your soul -it depicts the depth of culture that’s explored throughout the gallery.

Matt shares the beauty of humanity and the foreign world around the gallery, with many portraits of young women and girls. A set of three portraits stand out as one of the highlights; “Strength in beauty” portrays three women each adorned with a hijab headscarf, draped softly over their faces. The portraits are beautifully spray painted with a mixed media background favouring the primary colours. Also of note is the “Way of life” print on archival paper of an Indigenous Australian boy’s forehead, cheeks and nose decorated with white body paint, which is offset by the fiercely bright background. Adnate’s signature Tags are a big part of this gallery. “Adnate” is spread wall to wall often dashing through portraits and off onto the ashen gallery wall, creating a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Matt Adnate uses his globetrotting experience to create a spectacular gallery of depth, character and multiculturalism. “Lost Culture” is highly recommended Street Art for your wall! This gallery is proof; Street Art can truly grip us.