Words by Andy Donohoe

Photos by J Forsyth

Westspace, Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. Exhibitions run until June 23rd. You can experience Just Say Yes between 6-9pm, Friday June 8th.

As part of our art-filled Thursday, we stopped by briefly at Westspace. As usual there was lots on, with video pieces by Kieran Boland and Craig Burgess; (I tell you most solemny and A bright clear shape) a library like installation of books and drawings, (Woman vs Wild by Tai Snaith) and my favourite, Just Say Yes by Bec Reid and Ben Cisterne. After dumping my bag a coat, I waited outside the flashing room-sized box built out of plastic crates, not sure entirely what to expect. The door opened and Reid, dressed a bit like a ravey aerobics instructor, welcomed me inside, handing me an mp3 player and headphones. Lights off, disco lights on, and my ears were pumped with disgracefully filthy electro. Reid started to dance, and after about a minute of not really knowing what to do, I joined in. The moves thrown down in the three minutes that followed could be described as “absoslutely having it.” I didn’t care, no one was watching and I just let go – Reid was clearly enjoying herself as well. Exactly what I needed at 6pm, completely sober, after a days work. Then it was all over, the song stopped, we said our goodbyes and I was out, slightly stunned and not really sure what just happened or what to think. Was it recorded? Could other people see? Was it some sort of comment about dance/party culture? Or was it just two people having a good time just for the hell of it? Who knows. I prefer to think the latter.