Screen Space

Words by J Forsyth

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Light Forms Images by Christopher Handran and I’m With Stupid by Jimmy Kuehnle and Mark McGowan, curated by Amy Marjoram at Screen Space, 30 Guilford Lane, Melbourne CBD

After cycling the alley ways between Latrobe street and Little Lonsdale, phone map in hand, we found ourselves in another attractive Melbourne alley, only a few blocks further north in the city than I’m used to going. With the sound of voices in the distance we rounded alley corners, stumbling upon a nameless bar,  with no front entrance and completely rammed with people.  Although this was not the gallery, I felt it a good omen for what was to come. As we backed up and went down the previous alley, we discovered Screen Space, a not-for-profit gallery run by Kyle and Simone.  The beautifully designed space reminded me of an architect’s office, and delightfully, we were greeted at the bar with $4 drinks, the proceeds ensuring the space continues to be not-for-profit.  This is a cause I am willing to drink for.

As we talked to Simone and Kyle, they explained the exhibitions they have on and I was instantly impressed.  Screen Space is primarily a screen-based/video art gallery and this is…right up my alley.  The front room displayed a medium-sized screen and an iPhone suspended from the roof.  Then there was the back room.  Stepping through into a dark, blue lit room, with pockets of warm tungsten light, I realised that Screen Space is somewhere I will be visiting often, if this work is anything to go by. The room was dotted with several different sized screen or light-based instillations, each simple, yet complex and each beautiful in its own right. This exhibition is definitely one to see and a space to keep a watchful eye on.  Screen Space is the non-profit section, with a commercial gallery – Beam – upstairs.  Openings vary for both spaces but I recommend a visit if you’re in the area, where ever that may actually be.