Centre for Contemporary Photography

Words by Jerram Wurlod

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Opening Thursday May 31st, CCP, 404 George Street, Fitzroy

CCP’s exhibitions running until July 15 is comprise of four galleries. If you have the time, take a moment to view Geoff Robinsons “At the Junction of Twelve Locations on Soumenlinna”. It comes with a map and becomes part of an instillation throughout the other galleries. Gallery 2 showcases “Lost and Found: Family Photos Swept Away by the 3.11 Japan Tsunami” which is a fantastic concept whereby those involved in cleaning up after the disaster took to picking up old family photos once kept safely in homes. Most were able to be returned to their rightful owners, what was left is on display. Eliza Hutchinson’s “Hair in the Gate” is a fantastic realization of the way moments are distorted in our individual memory and finally Julie Davis & Alex Rizkalla’s “Temion Oculaire” is a disturbing examination of animal cruelty.