After The End / Pretty Stupid Little Pictures – Anna Pappas Gallery

Words by Jerram Wurlod

Photos by J Forsyth

After The End by Lucy James and Pretty Stupid Little Pictures by Matthew Bax at Anna Pappas Gallery, 2-4 Carlton Street, Prahan

I made my first visit to Anna Pappas gallery in Prahran last Wednesday. Comprised of four spaces (although I only viewed two on this occasion) the gallery prides itself on its list of established artists, art fair participation and general high standard. You’re probably not going to get obscure or unknown artist with work on display here but you should expect quality.

Lucy James’ exhibition “After the end” is a stunning display of old pictures from magazines sliced out and combined with everything from animals and plants to machinery parts. It’s a fantastic combination with a real crispness that draws you into every piece.

Matthew Bax’s “Pretty Little Stupid Pictures” I found harder to digest. A huge collection small sized paintings with a lumped on texture and some use of old card cuttings. I think I was looking for something more tangible after James’ work. As was suggested on RRR’s Smart Arts today, maybe there’s something in the name of this exhibition.

All in all a great first look at this well established Melbourne gallery. Looking forward to visiting again. See their website here.