Give Us A Look / Creo Nova at Next Wave

Words by Julia Howland

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Give Us A Look – Monte Masi
Creo Nova – Alex Cuffe, Ben Kolaitis

Location: Dear Patti Smith, Level 2, 181 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Part of Next Wave Festival

Monte Masi has created an experience in its own right; Give Us a Look documents the artistic experiences for what will be the Next Wave Festival. I walked into the grand space that is Dear Patti Smith and was immediately taken back by the large scale motion picture on the wall, followed by the several smaller screens all of which depicting Monte within several different environments. After grabbing a deliciously nutty home brew by the Crea Nova guys, I began my journey through each screen. It all started with Monte’s brilliant, if not ambitious, project to create an emotional state that encompasses pure joy (dancing) and complete sadness (crying). Asking everyone to write down the one song that makes them cry, he plans on creating a DJ set combining the groove of a good dance tune with the emotion of a sob fest. Ideally he wants to construct an environment that brings these two strong emotions together and basically see how they react to one another. Monte hopes their will be people crying and dancing simultaneously, but knows this is a competitive feat.

Moving through his other installations it becomes clear that Monte’s preferred medium is film and documentations through the moving image. The pieces he has shown this particular night are all artists preparing for the Next Wave Festival and his journey through their creations. I have to admit it makes us oh so very excited to get a sneak peek at what is to come and also gives a greater sense of admiration for the accomplishments these artists have created.

We then venture outside to something that seems supernatural and to no surprise thats exactly what it is. Genesis of Biosynthia is a creature from beyond that encompasses a whole new meaning for what it means to be a DJ. Alex Cuffe and Benjamin Kolaitis (Crea Nova) are known for their handmade music and this installations is a perfect representation of that. Using the energy in plants, they have devised a way of channeling this power into sound. What proves to be more astounding is that by changing the location of the cable you can alter the tone and speed of that sound. Move over decks, plant life is taking over.

Keep up-to-date on what’s happening at Dear Patti Smith and watch out for the next big thing from Monte Masi, Alex Cuffe, and Benjamin Kolaitis here.