Meredith Turnbull – Co-Workers

Words by Jerram Wurlod

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Friday May 18th, Rae and Bennett, 475 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy

Getting to Rae and Benetts opening nights early is recommended. Luckily I made it by 6:05pm and had a chance to get an unimpeded look at Meredith Turnbulls Co Workers exhibition. By 6:15pm things were getting pretty tight and didn’t it didn’t look like the squeeze was abating by the time I left. But maybe it says more about the quality of work on offer than the size of the exhibition space.

Lines and lines and lines! That’s what first came to my head as I followed what felt like a winding flurry of dense and captivating collage and sculpture. Stacked and rolling they’re way around the neat space. The photos comprise of striking arrangements of interconnecting design lines. Complimenting each other despite their stark contrast.

Some photos contain the sculptures in different arrangements and a few were also there as part of the exhibition. The sculptures take on a personality. Some bending and looking to each other almost examining each other. One arrangement has several small humble sculptures beside much taller almost aloof sculptures. Evenly distributed and spaced, they maintain a beautiful synergy. Of the pieces present at the exhibition we see three main tall sculptures hanging causally almost minding there own business, then above on the opposite wall smaller round pieces peer down.

All in all it’s a fascinating ride worth taking. Be sure to pick up the free colour copy of two pieces (the reverse side gives a deep insight of Turnbulls work). The exhibition runs until the 22nd of June, have a look at the website here.