Picture This Prize

Words by Jerram Wurlod

Photos by J Forsyth

This years Picture this Prize show at the BSG attracted over 600 entries. Competition was fierce, so much so that the top 50 was actually the top 52.

The crowed was big and bustling due to the amount of entries and no doubt because prizes (along with egos) were at stake. You could feel the anticipation in the room as participants, friends and family listened to the winning announcements. Necks craned to get a chance to put a face to the winning names. Some photographer’s entourage gave a few woops and claps which lightened the atmosphere.

Portraits seemed to be the flavour of the evening or perhaps they were just more striking amongst what often felt like cluttered walls. Something that I guess is unavoidable given the space available and the number of entries.

Many pieces were printed on a huge scale including quite a few of the winning pieces. This prompted one of my colleagues to beg the question, does size matter? It certainly seemed to have an affect on the gallery walls, but perhaps that’s a debate for another post.

Some notable pieces include Mardiana Soni’s 9 piece Nudes collection shot on film with a delicate soft tone which clearly has had a lot of work put into it. Ashley Lauren Bradleys intense portrait was impossible to ignore in a room filled with many other dramatic pieces and Lewis Jarrets somewhat haunting piece has also stuck with me.

The huge variety on offer makes this popular competition well worth your while. It runs until the 24th of May at the Brunswick Street Gallery