Seventh Gallery

Words by Julia Howland

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Perception. Inference. Introspection. This is art. This is what creates the emotion, the beauty. The good and the bad. And what Anna Higgins has done is so much more than that. We are brought to a newer ideal of what art is when he view her newest installation, Nausea. I walked in a skeptic. Stretched, thin, neon fabrics break the room into pockets of people. Then I wonder if the comfort I feel is from being able to stand lonesome in the corner while appreciating the content or if its from not fully being able to see the person standing across the room. The transparent canvas-style installments created a sense of distorted vision throughout the room; standing in front of the door with a piece separating us, I watched people coming and going, while only recognizing them from their shoes. This world that Anna has created eliminates aesthetics while forcing us to imagine a world of visual corruption. Imagine the unreal, the intangible, then paint it neon.

I then awkwardly trip behind the black velvet separating us from the hidden realms of Ryan Ponsford. The Disciples create that uneasy feeling of flickering lights mixed with complete darkness, all the while flashing images of smoked cigarettes and a lighter, burning into our memory so even when you close your eyes, the image obstruct your serenity. One deep breath and I enter back into reality.

Neon, cigarettes, and now shiny things. My prized elements. Josee Vesely-Manning & Michael Needham continue the show into their own favoured items with I am an artist/I am not an artist. The use of simplistic fabrics and materials lends the feeling of submission. Yet when looking further you recognize the intensity of each piece. The quaint fabrics pose prominent statements while the ordinary objects positioned purposefully in the corner of the floor give the fierce realisation of overwhelming gold and offend the senses by the blasting of bright lights.

The faint hearted should remain indoors for the duration of this show.

Seventh Gallery