Lux 0.27 – Dark Horse Experiment

Words by J Forsyth

Photos by Andy Donohoe

Dark Horse Experiment opened Friday night for its new exhibition, Lux 0.27. Lux 0.27 consists of works by artists Kit Webster, Sam Fagan, Hanna Tai, Alex Purchase, Kate Stryker, Tiziana Borghese, Tim Sterling and Julia Francis. Lux 0.27 is said to be “pursuing the theme of void/nothingness and our perception of reality through light and technology.”

Dark Horse Experiment is a well-designed gallery at the front of well-known Blender Studios. In the entrance way, a TV screen projects scan tags in black and white, then again in colour. After visiting the man under the stairs selling booze for a gold coin donation, I stepped into the main gallery.

I had not done my research about the exhibition, so I was taken aback by the dark room and laser type action going on around me. Standing by the front wall I was instantly impressed by the layout and depth of the exhibition. Lasers and lights in different corners doing their thing, with warm light breaking up the exhibition in the back corner.

The larger piece in the exhibition is an impressive laser beam opening up like laser jaws and snapping closed again to create one beam hitting a ball bearing and changing the projection. I am not a scientist so the working of this are beyond me but as someone who is a big fan of visual art, installations and smoke machines, this is a definite winner for me.

As I moved around the exhibition I noticed no blurbs or explanations which added to the superior feel of this exhibition. I find blurbs are often used in a way of explaining art that should explain itself. In this case this exhibition is solely visual, allowing the viewer to see and take from it what they will.

An exhibition curated by Theodore Wohng described as “The concept of ‘now’ is irrelevant, the only two things that remain the same are the wave-particle duality of photon and our perpetual curiosity of what reality really is.” With this in mind, a visit to this exhibition is worthwhile. Lux 0.27 is open from 01.05.12 – 02.06.12, gallery hours on Dark Horse website.