Littoral – Kristian Laemmle-Ruff

Words and Images by Andy Donohoe

I stopped by Colour Factory last Thursday and it turned out they had an opening for a photography show on that night. As it is right round the corner from me, I had to go check it out.

Littoral is about “the shifting overlap between the landscape and urbanscape.” This concept really comes through strongly in the images, with many of them quite bleak, as one would expect these semi-occupied areas to be. However there was a definite beauty to them, an almost silent, tranquil vibe that I really enjoyed. A lot of the audience seemed impressed as well, or maybe that was just the free wine and beer (rare in Melbourne at an opening!) If you are in Fitzroy this is really worth checking out.

Colour Factory is at 409-429 Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065. Littoral runs until May 26th.