Perfectly Imperfect / Natural Progression – Phibs / Beastman

Words by Andy Donohoe

Photos by J Forsyth

It was a Collingwood street art double header on Friday night, at Backwoods and House of Bricks, which are just round the corner from each other. Backwoods is well known amongst the street art scene here and bills itself as “Austalia’s leading street art gallery”, whereas House of Bricks is a newcomer, having only been open a short while. (see our post here) Both are great spaces in their own right, and both the shows were packed, with people spilling out onto the street.

We started at Phibs’ show Perfectly Imperfect at Backwoods, where his colourful, tribal like creatures were staring out of various sized canvases and found objects, looking distinctly stoned. I really enjoyed the sketchy, pencil-like way they were drawn, giving them a dreamy, futurisic design feel. Love!

2 minutes away at the Beastman show Natural Progession were more futuristic, stoned designs and characters, this time with even more intense colours and very crisp lines. I liked these even more than Phibs’ work, with all the symmetry and fine detail they were really easy to get lost in. (which I did)

Overall a great night with some fantastic artwork, Phibs and Beastman are two to watch and I’m sure we will be back at House of Bricks and Backwoods soon!

Both Exhibtions run until 6th May.

Backwoods Gallery

House of Bricks