IPF: The Family Unit by Jackson Eaton

Words by J Forsyth

Photos by Andy Donohoe

The second night of the IPF brought the first solo show for the festival. Jackson Eaton’s “The Family Unit” opened at the House of Bricks on a warm night with a subdued crowd. After the masses of people for the opening night, I half expected the same for night Two. This not being the case made viewing the show and chatting to some of the organisers much easier.

The Blurb for “The Family Unit” explains the show to be a combination of “documentary and Kinetic Sculpture… exploring the notions of loss and change in response to the separation of his parents in 2006”..

As I looked at the exhibition overall, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was complete. Four pieces making up a small series were on the ground, leaning against the wall. The Instillation “Unit 2012” was suspended from the roof, which leads me to believe that someone had been in the gallery who could hang stuff.

Apart from this, however, each piece worked individually. The highlight for me was the piece “In loving memories.” Jackson Eaton’s “The Family Unit” will be showing until the end of the festival.