Love on a Platform / Pop Up Library of Babel


Photos by J Forsyth

As my hero Jack Donaghy of 30 Rock screamed in a recent episode, “I know what art is! It’s painting of horses.” With that in my open mind, I ventured below ground to the Platform art space under Degraves and Flinders Streets, where the windows have changing exhibitions each month.

Starting at the wrong end, I wandered and wondered what on earth this “art” was. It certainly wasn’t paintings of horses, but photos of people in their homes, some of their belongings and the occasional list or written explanation. Luckily, upon finding the exhibition’s blurb at the other end, it all made sense. It was a collection of extended profiles of online daters. With the intention of bringing flat and static, online love seeking profiles to life, some of the participants had offered a photo, and some “bits and pieces” to show the “real me.”

A cute idea. Certainly, a way to remind people that those who internet date are actual people, and perhaps, even a reminder that in the real, physical world people can meet other people with possibility of dating, love, endless devotion and babies of the children, K9 or feline varieties, maybe on a train platform slash art space. Having said that, I didn’t want to date any of them, and the abstractness of some of their additions didn’t help me to want to date them. (I have a dream boat of a boyfriend, which may have influenced me.)

Suggestion for the love seekers – come down to the Platform, and visit the Pop Up Library of Babel. At this library of sorts, you can ask the ‘librarian’ a one sentence question by writing it on a card. Luke, the librarian (I didn’t ask for, nor was I shown, credentials.) in residence at my visit, explained that you can ask anything and that you might get an answer in 90 days. What are people asking? “ When will I be famous?”. Probably best answered by 80s band Bros, but stuff it, why not ask a dude in a pop up library. “In the words of Kamahl, why are people so unkind?”. A pertinent question, probably posed by someone who has recently had their heart stomped on.

Sorted, I’ve linked both things to love and now I shall sign off. Good day lovers.

Love on a Platform and Pop Up Library of Babel are both open until Saturday 31st. Get involved kids!