Ross Vaughan – Primer

By Jerram Wurlod

Photos by J Forsyth

From the sexually charged ‘Fruit Salad’ and highly emotional ‘Marian’, to the subtle, calm portraits of friends and colleagues. Most people will find something that grabs them from the variety on offer at Primer, a contemporary fine art exhibition from Ross Vaughan.

Of particular interest to me was the large wall containing several portraits of the artist’s colleagues. Painted in intimate detail, each piece comes with adjoining colour panels that have been used in the piece. Some even have lines directing you to precisely where each colour has been used, the lines guiding you from intricate to simple.

It creates a feeling of something very straightforward coming from the highly detailed. Suggesting that despite people being complex individuals there is still a basic blueprint to all of us. Something to be decoded that is still unique, like differing shades of hair or skin tone.

There’s plenty more to see including a beautiful self-reflecting piece that many will relate to. The exhibition is very accessible while also providing enough to satisfy more discerning art enthusiasts. Even if you only have a slight interest in contemporary fine art, Primer is well worth your while.

Ross Vaughan is currently studying Fine Arts at Melbourne University in his second year. The exhibition runs until the 23rd of March at Area Contemporary Art Space from 9am until 4pm Mon-Fri.

Area Contemporary Art Space Rear of Level 1/230 Brunswick St Fitzroy.